KKTY NEWS May 11 Archive


(Fri 5/27/11) - Memorial Day is the traditional start of the summer season. That means lots of folks out on the road, and that means law enforcement efforts step it up a notch. Douglas interim police chief Jim Pond says his department is participating in the Click It or Ticket campaign... audio

Pond says the safety belt campaign is a multi-agency effort... audio

So before you head out this weekend... be sure to buckle up and have a safe trip.

(Fri 5/27/11) - Wyoming is starting its second year of a boat-inspection program intended to prevent the introduction of invasive mussels into waters in the state. The state performed 42,000 watercraft inspections last year that led to 23 boat decontaminations. No live mussels were found. Non-native mussels have been found in several Western states and can clog waterworks and hurt native species if they're introduced into lakes or rivers. Wyoming requires all boats launched on Glendo Reservoir and all other waters of the state to have a decal, which are available at game and fish department offices and elsewhere. The cost of the decals supports the inspection program.

(Thu 5/26/11) - The workers are coming... now where do we put them? Ron McNare with West Plains Development asked the Douglas City Council Monday night for a varience to place a man-camp on land he owns on North 4th Street, north of the Northgate subdivision. McNare says an energy-related company is bringing workers into the area in the next few months... audio

McNare says 70 men will be here by June 3rd for another company. The 15 acres in question are all inside the Douglas city limits, and are zoned MH-2, which allow mobile homes, but would require installation of infrastructure such as paved roads, curbs and gutters. City water and sewer are stubbed out adjacent to part of the property. McNare says the temporary housing would be in place for three to four years. City attorney Peg Trent advised the council that city codes would not allow placement of the mancamp under a Conditional Use Permit, and said that council would need to enact a set of emergency regulations on mancamps. Trent and City Administrator Steve Henning will prepare the regulations for the council's consideration at the June 13th City Council Meeting. Due to the time constraints of the request, the Council is expected to consider this as an emergency ordinance... normally, ordinances go through three readings and public hearings... an emergency ordinance would go through only one reading.

(Thu 5/26/11) - It's dollars and cents time for the Douglas City Council. The council's budget workshops and hearings will be held tonight and tomorrow night, as they prepare to craft a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. City Administrator Steve Henning says the city's in better financial shape this year... audio

In a year with some financial cushion to work with... do you save it or spend it? audio

Henning also said that in addition to dealing with normal budgetary items, the council will have to consider several million dollars that will need to be spent in the near future on things like the landfill and the city's water supply system, and equipment needs like a new street sweeper... audio

The City Council will meet tonight and tomorrow night to begin putting the budget together. By law, public hearings on the proposed budget must be held by June 13th.

(Tue 5/24/11) - No beer at the grocery store. On a 2-3 vote last night, the Douglas City Council denied a request for an available liquor license by the Douglas Safeway store. The company proposed building an addition onto the front of their store on East Richards. Safeway currently operates liquor stores in five communities around the state, including their stores in Casper, Wheatland and Laramie. Attorney John Sundahl of Cheyenne said they collected 1017 signatures at the Douglas store in seven days in support of Safeway being allowed to add a liquor store... audio

Several other Douglas liquor dealers spoke against the request, citing concerns over competition from a corporate grocery store that could cut prices and damage their businesses. Dale Ray Madewell owns Double D Liquor in downtown Douglas... audio

Council members Dave Angiolillo and Marilyn Werner voted to approve the Safeway liquor license... Councilmen Tony Reynolds, Leroy Kingery and Mayor Bruce Jones voted against the request.

(Mon 5/23/11) - The water level's up a foot this week at Glendo Reservoir. As of Friday, water levels for Glendo Reservoir were at 4629.1 feet or 86.8% full. New water projections from the Bureau Of Reclamation estimate water levels to peak June 30 at 4651.97. Glendo State Park Superintendant Dusty Humphreys says that in the last week, park crews have closed a dozen campsites in various campgrounds around the park, moved 11 campsites to higher ground, and established 20 new campsites. Sandbags were placed around the ADA site at Coulter Bay Campground, and additional sandbags are being hauled in from the Wyoming Medium Correctional facility at Torrington. Humphreys also says potable water at Sandy Beach and Cottonwood Campgrounds will be available temporarily, and potable water at Two Moon Campground is available for the season. Many of the park's campgrounds have at least partial closures. All day-use facillites remain open, and all boat ramps and docks remain open.

(Fri 5/20/11) - This week's rain and snowfall will quickly affect the level of local streams and rivers. Converse County Emergency Manager Russ Dalgarn says the North Platte River is currently running slower, and about six vertical inches lower than it was during peak flow last year. As the snow pack starts to melt, our local creeks and streams will naturally add to the level of the North Platte. Dalgarn says that everyone living along, or near a stream or river in Converse County, should have a plan in place for potential flooding. Converse County Emergency Management has set up two locations for people to acquire sandbags. Residents in the west side of the County can get sand and sandbags from the landfill in Glenrock, and residents in the Douglas area can get sand and sandbags at the County Road and Bridge yard in Douglas. For more information, call Russ Dalgarn at the Emergency Management office at 358-6880.

(Fri 5/20/11) - Two proposed wind farms south of Glenrock may be among the first in the United States to use a radar system that activates the lights atop the wind turbines when aircraft are near. The idea of the system at Wasatch Wind's proposed Pioneer Wind Park is to address objections from neighbors who don't like the blinking lights on the mountain slopes through the night. Such systems are already in use with wind farms in Canada, but they have yet to be approved in the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration is studying the system to see if they can be allowed on U.S. wind farms. The radar systems detect aircraft as they near the wind farm and turns on the farm's lights. Some also broadcast a warning on radio frequencies used by pilots.

(Tue 5/17/11) - Want to plow? Get a permit... The U.S. Forest Service requires cabin owners and other users of national forest lands to get permits and sign liability agreements before they plow snow from forest roads. The Forest Service says that illegal plowing of forest roads in recent years has caused extensive damage and delayed the opening of some roads for weeks. The Forest Service says it commonly doesn't plow snow from roads that are wet in order to avoid encouraging traffic that could damage the roads. This year's near-record snowpack means some roads and campgrounds won't open until later than usual. The agency says snow-removal permits are available at district ranger offices, including the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest Douglas Ranger District Office on East Richards in Douglas.


(Mon 5/16/11) - Officials at Glendo State Park continue to prepare for high water levels and possible flooding as the North Platte River dumps more water into the reservoir. Water levels for Glendo Reservoir on Friday were at 4628.1 feet or 84.7% full. Maximum water level projections for the summer have increased again this week. Glendo reservoir's projected maximum water level is now at 4653 feet. New projections exceed last years water level by approximately 4 feet and water levels are projected to peak on or near July 6. Snow pack continued to build in the mountains of South Central Wyoming last week, and upper basin snow pack is 191% of normal.

Park crews placed sand bags around the Redhills water hydrant and the East ADA site in Whiskey Gulch campground. Sand bagging was also started at the Colter Bay ADA site. 4 additional temporary sites were established at Shelter Point, 6 temporary sites were established at Gravel Point and 3 campsites were removed from Custer Cove.

(Fri 5/13/11) - A tree will be planted this afternoon in memory of a former Douglas city employee. Douglas Mayor Bruce Jones has has proclaimed today is Arbor Day... audio here

This afternoon's Arbor Day Celebration will include a Forest Service presentation of the City's 11th annual Tree City USA award and the planting of a Cheryl Ewing Memorial and Arbor Day Tree. Powder River Coal and the Converse County Conservation District will also be recognized for their continuing support of tree-planting programs. The Douglas Arbor Day Celebration begins this afternoon in the island area on Park Drive at 2:00pm. The public is invited to attend.


(Fri 5/13/11) - The Class of 2011 crosses the stage this weekend. Douglas High School graduation is Sunday afternoon at 2pm at the Rec Center Gym at DHS. Around 140 members of the senior class are up for diplomas.The ceremonies will also be broadcast live on Communicom cable channel 76, and on the internet at converse1schools.org.

(Fri 5/13/11) - New State money will help repair a County road... Converse, Laramie and Goshen counties will share $4.75 million to repair county roads damaged by trucks and rigs associated with the Niobrara Shale oil play. The State Loan and Investment Board approved the allocations Thursday. The board awarded Converse County $1 million to renovate Ross Road, Goshen County $2 million for the Lingle-Veteran road and Laramie County $1.75 million for the Campstool road. The money came from $6 million appropriated by the state Legislature last winter for energy-impacted roads in the Niobrara oil play area in southeast Wyoming and elsewhere in the state. Platte County has money coming, too, but their application was delayed until the county provides more information.

(Thu 5/12/11) - A new way to tap Converse County Energy... An Idaho company is planning to build several water reservoirs in conjunction with wind farms around the state. Boise-based Gridflex hopes to start work in the next few years on reservoirs near Glenrock, Medicine Bow and northern Carbon County as so-called "pumped-storage" facilities. The storage facilities could cost a combined $2.2 billion to build. They are designed to provide hydroelectric power when the wind turbines aren't generating power. In a pumped-storage facility, two reservoirs are built at different elevations. When the wind blows strongly, the excess energy is used to pump water into the upper reservoir. When the wind dies down, the water is let out into the lower reservoir through turbines. The company's plans were outlined Tuesday at a Wyoming Infrastructure Authority meeting in Cheyenne.

(Thu 5/12/11) - A green light for an area coal mine. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wyoming State Office announced Wednesday that Cloud Peak Energy's Antelope Coal LLC, of Gillette, submitted the qualifying high bid of $297,723,228 (85 cents/mineable ton) for the West Antelope II North Coal Tract. The high bid met the fair market value and was accepted by the BLM. The 2,800 acre West Antelope II North Coal Tract contains an estimated 350 million tons of mineable coal. The tract is located north of the Campbell/Converse county line about 50 miles north of Douglas, about two to five miles east of Highway 59 and adjacent to the western and northern lease boundary of the Antelope Mine. The BLM also recently announced a June 15, 2011 sale date for the West Antelope II South Coal Tract, which contains approximately 56 million mineable tons on the Converse County side of the line.


(Thu 5/12/11) - A Wyoming Department of Corrections employee has received a national level award from the National Correctional Industries Association. Dr. Heidi Atwood, WY Brand Industries site manager at Wyoming Women's Center in Lusk was selected for the 2011 National Correctional Industries Association Staff Award. Dr Atwood was nominated and selected for her recognition of a need for additional work opportunities at the Women's Center. Atwood worked to expand the industries programs at the Lusk prison to include an aquaculture program, laundry, specialty sewing, quilt factory, a refurbishing shop and a Wyoming Green Cartridge operation, which is a program that instructs and employs inmates to refurbish ink cartridges for printers and is an environmentally "green" operational shop as well. As a result of her vision and dedication to finding jobs for inmates inmate jobs doubled. The nomination is based on the accumulations of Dr. Atwood's achievements over the last three plus years.

(Mon 5/9/11) - A resignation and a pair of apologies. At last night's council meeting, the Douglas City Council voted 5-0 to accept the resignation of City Clerk and Treasurer Kori Pray. City Administrator Steve Henning put Pray on administrative leave with pay on April 27th. Immediately following that action, Pray filed a request for a restraining order against Henning in Circuit Court. In a four-hour court hearing last week, the City came out clean. Here's Administrator Henning... audio here

Douglas City Councilman Leroy Kingery offered Henning an apology for Henning having to go through the allegations and the hearing process... audio here

Also at last night's meeting, Henning spoke on behalf of the City and offered Sergeant Ron Casalenda an official apology... audio here

Casalenda and Corporal Nyle McDonald were placed on administrative leave with pay on Tuesday, April 12th. An external investigation was conducted on April 14th and 15th. Police Chief Ryan Evans was placed on suspension and Casalenda was returned to duty Sunday the 24th, and Evans was fired by the Council on Monday the 25th.



And in Sports...

(Sat 5/21/11) - Park County schools dominate 3A State Track... at Casper this weekend, Cody completely dominated the 3A girls team stats, earning 141.5 team points... second place Powell had 69, and the Glenrock girls placed third overall with 59 points. The Douglas LadyCats placed 10th. On the boys side, Douglas was strong, but not quite strong enought to get past the Powell Panthers. Powell takes the team title with 137.5... Douglas is 2nd with 126.5... Cody's third with 107. Glenrock's boys finish 10th.

Our Converse County athletes did bring home some top individual honors... Douglas sprinter Justin Melton is a triple-medalist, winning all three sprints. Melton set a new class record in the 100 meter dash with a time of 10.76 seconds... he was also just a tenth of a second off the record as he won the 200, and Melton snagged his third gold of the weekend in the 400 meter dash. Douglas sophomore Ty Etchemendy takes the gold in the triple jump with a jump of 46 feet, 7.25 inches.

Silver medals for Glenrock's Paige Steinmetz in the girls 100 meter dash, Douglas's Heather Townsend in the girls' 800, Douglas's Robert Ricks in the boys 1600, Douglas's Baylor Sieg, Logan Barker, Mitch Espeland and Dylan Klava in the boys 4x100 relay, Douglas's Robert Ricks, Mitch Espeland, Luke Andrews and Logan Barker in the boys' 4x400 relay, Lexi Hewett of Douglas tied for second in the girls' pole vault, Glenrock's Paige Steinmetz in the girls long jump, and Douglas's Justin Melton in the boys long jump,

Bronze medals for third place finishes to Douglas's Robert Ricks in the boys' 800, Douglas's Ty Etchemendy in the boys 110 hurdles, Glenrock's Serena Brooks, Gina Byrd, Breanna Farley and Shelby Stewart in the girls 4x400 relay, Glenrock's Brooks, Byrd, Stewart and Marissa Widiker in the girls 4x800 relay, Glenrock's Lincoln Butler, Matt Widiker, Raider Nelson and Danny Walters in the boys 4x800, Glenrock's Becky Downs in the high jump, Douglas's Dylan Klava in the pole vault, Glenrock's Shayla Wickett in girls' discus, and Douglas's Gary Bolinger in the shot put.

The 4A team titles went to Casper Natrona for the boys and Kelly Walsh for the girls... 2A titles to Pine Bluffs for the boys and Lovell for the girls... and in 1A, Little Snake River wins the boys championship and Cokeville takes the girls trophy.

(Sat 5/21/11) - The Douglas Bearcats go two and out at State Soccer, but count it a successful season... the Cats earned a trip to state in their first season of varsity play. Douglas opened Thursday with strong defensive play, giving up only four goals in a 4-0 loss to eventual state champion Cody. The Cats then finished their season with a 3-1 loss to Torrington, the #1 seed from the southeast. Powell beat Torrington 6-2 for 5th place, Lander beat Jackson Hole 2-1 to take 3rd, and Cody edged Buffalo 2-1 for the boys state soccer championship. On the girls' side, Worland beat Pinedale 2-1 for 5th place, Buffalo edged Cody 4-3 in the third place game, and Jackson bumped off Lander 5-1 to take the 3A girls title.

4A boys, East beats Green River 4-2 for 5th place, Riverton shut out Kelly Walsh 1-0 for third, and Sheridan edged Laramie 2-1 for the boys championship. 4A girls, it was Green River over Riverton 3-1 for 5th, Cheyenne Central beats Cheyenne East 3-1 for third place, and and Gillette takes the 4A girls trophy with a 2-1 win over Laramie.

(Mon 5/16/11) - The Douglas Bearcats soccer team earns a trip to State... Friday afternoon, the Cats and Pinedale played to a 2-2 tie. The Bearcats took the 3-2 win in an overtime shootout to advance. Other boys qualifiers this weekend, Powell shut out Rawlins 4-0, Worland shut out Cheyenne South 5-0, and Jackson hammered Newcastle 7-0. State soccer begins Thursday... Douglas will meet the #1 seed from the West, the Cody Broncs. Other 3A boys matchups... Jackson vs. (#1 SE) Torrington, Powell vs. (#1 NE) Buffalo and Worland vs. (#1 SW) Lander.

4A boys opening round matchups see (#4W) Rock Springs vs. (#1E) Sheridan, (#3E) East vs. (#2W) Riverton, (#3W) Natrona vs. (#2E) Laramie and (#4E) Kelly Walsh vs. (#1W) Green River.

Three shutouts in the girls soccer play-ins... Lander shutout the Douglas LadyCats 7-0, Worland shut out Rawlins 6-0, and Pindale blanked Newcastle 1-0. Powell beat Cheyenne South 4-2. First round 3A girls matchups at State on Thursday... Pinedale vs. (#1 NW) Cody, Lander vs. (#1 SE) Torrington, Powell vs. (#1 NE) Buffalo and Worland vs. (#1 SW) Jackson. 4A girls pairings are (#4W) Rock Springs vs. (#1E) Gillette, (#3E) Central vs. (#2W) Green River, (#3W) Riverton vs. (#2E) Laramie and (#4E) East vs. (#1W) Natrona.

(Mon 5/16/11) - Converse County teams showed strong at Regional Track over the weekend. At the 3A East Regionals at Torrington, Glenrock's girls finished 1st with 138 points and Douglas was second with with 109. Torrington, Wheatland and Buffalo rounded out the girls top 5. The Douglas boys ran away with the boys title, earning 231 points. Second place Torrington marked 145, followed by Newcastle, Thermopolis and Glenrock in 5th place.

Individually, Glenrock freshman Paige Steinmetz was 2nd in the girls 100 and 200 yard dash. Douglas's Justin Melton won the 100 dash, with Baylor Sieg third. Melton won the 200, with Sieg, Ty Etchemendy and Mitch Espeland 4th, 5th and 6th. Melton also won the 400.

The 800 meter runs, on the girls side, Douglas's Heather Townsend placed 1st, and Glenrock's Shelby Stewart was 3rd. In the boys 800 race, Glenrock's Raider Nelson was first and Douglas's Robert Ricks was second. Sarah Townsend of Douglas was third in the 1600, and Robert Ricks was second and Raider Nelson finished 4th. Douglas's Carolyn Smylie was second in the girls 3200, followed by Glenrock's Marissa Widiker and Bailey Dahlke.

Through the hurdles, Glenrock's Kara Lutz was 2nd in the 300 and 4th in the 100, Douglas's Ty Etchemendy and Michael Addleman were 1st & 2nd in the 110, and Etchemendy was 1st and Grady Corbett 3rd in the boys 300.

Relays, Glenrock was 2nd in the girls 4x100, Douglas was 2nd and Glenrock was 4th in the boys 4x100, Glenrock was 2nd and Douglas 3rd in both the girls and boys 4x400. In the 4x800, for the girls it was Douglas 1st and Glenrock 3rd, and for the boys it was Glenrock 1st, Douglas 4th.

Field events, Glenrock's Becky Downs wins the the high jump... Douglas's Kaitlyn Penfield is 3rd. Douglas's Hayden Barker and Michael Addleman are 2nd & 3rd in the boys high jump. Lexi Hewett and Dylan Klava, both of Douglas, win the pole vaults... Glenrock's Paige Stenmetz wins the girls long jump, and Douglas's Melton, Sieg and Logan Barker are 1-2-4 in the boys long jump. Steinmetz is 2nd in the girls triple jump, and Douglas's Brittany Schomer is 3rd. Etchemendy, Corbett and Addleman are 1-2-4 in the boys triple. Shayla Wickett of Glenrock is 2nd in girls discus, Klava and Bolinger are 4th & 5th on the boys side. Shot put, Douglas's Jill Espeland and Lateesha Hiser are 2nd and 3rd for the girls, and Gary Bolinger is 2nd for the boys.

State Track begins Thursday at Harry Geldien Stadium at Casper's Kelly Walsh High School.

(Mon 5/9/11) - The Douglas Cats open the American Legion baseball season with a split. At Nida Field on Sunday, the Cats beat the Rawlins Generals 11-1 in the first game of the season behind 4 innnings of No Hit baseball by Dalton Cheever, and 1 by Luke Andrews for a combined No Hitter. Dylan Klava and Ty Igo each hit a Homerun to lead the offensive attack. Mitch Espeland, Daniel Boyer, and Marvin Malone had two hits each.

The Laramie Rangers beat the Cats in game 2, 9-1. Dylan Klava added another homerun for the Cats lone run. The Laramie pitching staff kept the Douglas hitters off balance scattering five hits over six innings.

The Cats are at Torrington Tuesday night. Opening pitch is at 6pm.

(Mon 5/9/11) - Douglas soccer squads both dumped games against Buffalo over the weekend. Thursday afternoon at Bearcat Stadium, the LadyCats lost 5-1 to the top-ranked Lady Bison. The Bison also top the boys rankings this week... Douglas coach Brian Cropper says the Cats played very well, but suffered a 3-0 shutout loss at Buffalo on Saturday.

In a pair of make up games at Newcastle this afternoon, the Bearcats tied the Dogies 1-1 in double overtime. The girls game was called in the second half due to hail at Newcastle. The Lady Dogies led 2-1 when they headed for the locker room. The soccer state qualifier is this Friday and Saturday at Lander. State Soccer is the 19th and 20th at Sheridan.

(Mon 5/9/11) - Another strong performance by the Douglas track teams this weekend. At the Camel Qualifier at Gillette, the Douglas boys finished second to host Gillette, and the LadyCats placed fourth. Justin Melton owns the sprints again, winning the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Baylor Sieg placed 3rd in the 100 and 4th in the 200, and Ty Etchemendy was 2nd in the 200. Robert Ricks finished 3rd in the 1600 meter run. Douglas's relay teams took second in the 4x100, and 5th in the 4x400. Field events, we'll start with the long jump... Justin Melton 1st, Baylor Sieg 3rd, Logan Barker 5th. Hayden Barker finishes 3rd in the high jump. Ty Etchemendy wins the triple jump, and Gary Bolinger wins the shot put by 2 1/2 inches. On the girls side, Heather Townsend is third in the 200 meter dash, and Douglas relays teams are 3rd in the 4x4 and 4th in the 4x1 and 4x8. Regional track is this Friday and Saturday at Torrington. State Track is th 19th and 20th at Casper.\par \par }

(Fri 5/6/11) - The Bearcats have picked a new head basketball coach. Douglas High School administration will recommend Travis Williams for the position of Head Boys Basketball to the Converse County School District #1 Board of Education on Tuesday May 10th. Travis has been an Assistant Mens' Basketball Coach at the University of Montana Western at Dillon for the past two seasons. Prior to his coaching days, Travis began his playing career at Spokane Community College. He then spent a year playing at Northern Arizona, prior to completing his career at Carroll College.