KKTY NEWS Apr 12 Archive



(Mon 4/30/12) - A Utah wind developer hoping to build two wind farms in Converse County is putting half the project on hold amid ongoing appeals by a landowners group. Wasatch Wind had planned to build two separate, but adjacent wind farms that would generate a combined 100 megawatts of power south of Glenrock. The company now says they're postponing completion of one site, known as Pioneer Wind Park I, until next year so it can resolve challenges to the project's permits. The Northern Laramie Range Alliance has raised one challenge with a state court. It also is petitioning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to rehear claims that the commission previously rejected.

(Fri 4/27/12) - Workers at a blown oil well just east of Douglas have capped an eruption of potentially explosive natural gas by pumping mud into the well. The newly drilled well owned by Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy blew out Tuesday afternoon. Potentially explosive methane gas roared from the ground at the site five miles northeast of Douglas. Control operations were postponed on Thursday because the wind shifted and began blowing the natural gas back over the staging area. Although winds were much stronger on Friday, they were apparently blowing in the right direction. Plugging operations began at about 9:30 Friday morning. By 11 a.m., the flow of gas had ceased, although mud continued to be pumped underground. Chesapeake officials said drilling mud was pumped down the well to neutralize downhole formation pressure, allowing the installation of pressure-control equipment on the surface. At 7:00 p.m. Friday, Chesapeake Energy announced that they had regained control of the well. Chesapeake has started an evaluation of the affected site and the cause of the incident remains under investigation. Company officials say they are committed to full remediation of any environmental impact that may have occurred as a result of this incident. Chesapeake will also determine when the well can continue to be completed and ultimately placed into production.


(Thu 4/26/12) - Republican Senator Jim Anderson has announced that he will seek re-election to the Wyoming Senate representing Senate District #2 which includes Converse and Platte Counties. Anderson, of Glenrock, was first elected to the Wyoming House in 1996 where he served four years before being elected to the Wyoming Senate in 2000. Senator Anderson serves as President of the Wyoming Senate. He also sits on the Select Education Accountability Committee. He's also a member of the Management Council and the Energy Council.

(Wed 4/25/12) - Some residents near Douglas have been asked to evacuate because of a backflow failure at an oil well. Large amounts of gas were coming out of the ground at the rig 223 well 4 1/2 miles northeast of Douglas on Tuesday night. Converse County Emergency Management asked that those in the subdivision off of the Z Lazy Y Road evacuate for safety, but it's not clear how many did so. This rig is off HWY 59 East Antelope Road. The owner of the well, Chesapeake Energy, paid for 45 hotel rooms in Casper and Douglas for those who evacuated. Chesapeake Energy says no workers were injured and that it was working to bring the well under control.

(Mon 4/23/12) - An Eastern Wyoming College student is hoping to become the youngest legislator in Wyoming. Twenty-one-year-old Chris Sorge of Douglas served as an intern for state lawmakers during the last legislative session. Now he's challenging incumbent state Rep. Richard Cannady of Glenrock for the Republican nomination in House District 6. Cannady is seeking his third term in office. Sorge will turn 21 on May 28, two days before the candidate filing deadline. Sorge is originally from Cozad, Neb. His grandmother is serving as his campaign manager.

(Wed 4/11/12) - Gov. Matt Mead will honor a park ranger with Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources who was wounded by a gunman last year at Glendo Reservoir. Philip Martindale will receive the American Police Hall of Fame's Law Enforcement Purple Heart on Thursday in the governor's office. Martindale was shot in the chest by a drunken driving suspect who fled after being stopped on the east side of Glendo Reservoir. Martindale and a Platte County sheriff's deputy pursued the man and attempted to arrest him, but he fired a gun, wounding Martindale. Law enforcement returned fire, killing the suspect.

(Tue 4/10/12) - The City of Douglas will move ahead to build their own transfer station at the Douglas Landfill. At last night's City Council meeting, Douglas's elected officials chose to step away from a February conditional agreement with American Renewable Energy Associations in which AREA would design, build and maintain a transfer station at Douglas. The city's trash would then be transported and burned at AREA's proposed waste-burning power plant that would be built at Guernsey. City Administrator Steve Henning told the council last night that the city's coming up on some DEQ-imposed deadlines to submit plans for transfer station construction... audio here

Henning said that AREA's not moving quickly enough in their own power plant permitting process to meet the city's needs... audio here

Douglas mayor Bruce Jones indicated that in conversations he's had in Guernsey and Cheyenne, there's not much progress being made towards actually building the proposed power plant. Like many communities in the state, Douglas is wrestling with the best way to dispose of its waste in the face of DEQ regulations that will soon make it much more difficult for cities and towns to maintain their own public landfills.

(Thu 4/4/12) - Surf's up... on the North Platte River. If you're a river-watcher, you may have noticed that water levels have been up and down this week. The Bureau of Reclamation and Wyoming Game and Fish is doing a spring flushing of the North Platte downstream from Gray Reef Reservoir at Alcova. Over a 24-hour period, water from Gray Reef goes from 500 cubic feet per minute to 4 thousand cfm and back to 500. The process is repeated daily this week... the first flush was on Monday, and the last will be on Friday. The flushes serve as spring cleaning on the river, breaking up fine sediments that deposit over the winter in spawing gravels to improve trout reproduction on the river. After Friday's flush, the Bureau of Reclamation will return the Gray Reef output to 500cfm.

(Tue 4/2/12) - Some people in Campbell County are expressing concern about a plan to transplant prairie dogs in northeast Wyoming. U.S. Forest Service officials propose to move prairie dogs away from homes in Weston and Converse counties. They say prairie dogs carry plague and they want to move the rodents to reduce the possibility of transmitting the disease. They propose moving the prairie dogs to a different area of the Thunder Basin National Grassland near the border of Campbell County. Ranchers and county commissioners say prairie dogs take up too much land as it is and damage the range. With approval from the Wyoming Fish & Game Department, the plan eventually could enable the reintroduction of endangered black-footed ferrets. Ferrets eat prairie dogs.




(Tue 4/2/12) - Douglas High Soccer teams met Newcastle Friday afternoon... at Bearcat Stadium, the Cats and the Dogies kicked it to a 1-1 overtime tie. Newcastle beat Douglas 3-1 in girls play at Newcastle. Douglas plays Torrington Tuesday afternoon... the boys will be at home again with JV play at 4 and Varsity at 6 at Bearcat Stadium. The LadyCats will play one varsity game at Torrington at 5pm.