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(Tue 11/25/14) - Home on the Range - For Rent? Good jobs are pretty easy to find in the Douglas area these days, but finding a place to live is a real challenge. Monthly rental costs are up, and rental vacancy rates continue to be very low.

The Wyoming Community Development Authority surveys residential rental properties twice a year. The latest averages, from the second quarter of 2014, show mobile home lots renting for just over $200 dollars a month, but those are the only rentals whose prices have stayed steady.

The average cost of an apartment in Converse County has risen from about $550 two years ago, to $871 a month now. Mobile homes are averaging $937 a month.

The cost to rent a single family home has seen the biggest jump. Up until the 4th quarter of 2011, houses rented for an average of $600 to $800 a month. The latest numbers show an average house in Converse County now rents for $1400 dollars a month... if you can find one at all. According to the WCDA's figures, Converse County's overall rental vacancy rate stands at just 1.9 percent.


(Fri 11/21/14) - The director of the Wyoming State Fair at Douglas has been honored by his peers.

State Fair director James Goodrich has been named the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs (RMAF) Fair Manager of the Year at their recent convention in Great Falls, Montana. The RMAF is a group of fairs covering the western United States and Canada.

Jason Fearneyhough is Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, the State department that oversees the state fair... audio here

James Goodrich has been the Director of the Wyoming State Fair since 2007 and has made significant contributions to the Wyoming State Fair and grounds. As Director, he spearheaded and managed the 100th Wyoming State Fair celebration in 2013 and has overseen several projects to improve the quality of the Wyoming State Fairgrounds.

The RMAF Fair Manager of the Year award is given to any active Fair Manager who has been involved with their fair for a minimum of five years and has made outstanding contributions to their fair and community.


(Fri 11/21/14) - Nunsense is Habit Forming.

Douglas High School vocal music director Randy Gifford says a group of his students will present the musical "Nunsense" this week at the Douglas High School auditorium... audio here

Gifford says that, since the rest of the nuns died, there's only five left to do the performance... audio here

The first performance was last night... the next performance is tonight at 7, and a matinee performance is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm at the Douglas High School auditorium. Admission is free.


(Wed 11/19/14) - The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission recommends an increase to the minimum allowable distance between oil and gas drilling rigs and dwellings.

But a landowners' group says the commission's proposal still offers insufficient protection to homeowners.

The commission, which includes Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, voted Tuesday to propose a new rule that would extend the setback distance between homes and oil and gas wells from the current 350 feet up to 500 feet. The staff of the commission had recommended the 500-foot setback.

The public has an opportunity to comment before the commission votes on the proposal early next year.\par The Powder River Basin Resource Council had asked the commission to peg the minimum setback at a quarter-mile, saying drill rigs are noisy and hazardous to health.


(Tue 11/18/14) - Wyoming natural gas companies are reviewing emergency procedures following a recent outage that left more than 1,000 customers without gas in Glenrock.

Companies say they are taking action even though there are no state regulations to follow. Regulators require companies to filed detailed reports after problems are fixed.

Regulators say it's difficult to write rules because circumstances vary widely.

SourceGas officials discovered an outage in Glenrock on Nov. 10 and reported it to the Wyoming Public Service Commission within five hours.

SourceGas says widespread outages are unusual.

Tallgrass Energy is working with SourceGas to find out the reason for the latest outage.


(Tue 11/18/14) - The Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests are offering permits to cut Christmas trees on forest land southwest of Douglas.

Permits cost $10 and allow for the cutting of one tree on National Forest lands. There is a limit of five permits per household and trees must be for personal use, not for resale.

Some areas are closed to cutting and people interested in getting a tree should contact the area ranger district for site-specific information, including road conditions and area restrictions.

Permits and more information are available at the Douglas Ranger District Office at 2250 E. Richards St. They're open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m.


(Thu 11/6/14) - $$$... Excise tax collections in Converse County hit an all-time record high in the month of September. In 2011, the county collected about $2 to $4 million dollars a month in excise taxes. This year, we've been running $6 to $7 million dollars a month, but in the month of September, the county hit pay dirt, collecting just over $9 million dollars in excise taxes. Excise taxes are sales taxes... when you buy a pair of socks, you pay a tax, but Converse County Treasurer Joel Schell says most of the load is being carried these days by the energy industries... audio here

Schell says that they can't pin the September increase to any one purchase or activity... audio here

Schell says there's another real benefit to higher excise tax collections... audio here

The sixth cent tax is the one that's paying for the new EWC Douglas Campus and new libraries for Douglas and Glenrock.


(Thu 11/6/14) - Several streets in a Douglas neighborhood were barracaded on Wednesday afternoon as Douglas Police dealt with an incident in the neighborhood north of Safeway. Police spokesman said they were dealing with a single resident on Park Drive, there were no injuries, no evacuations, and there was no imminent danger. DPD closed off Park, Bandera, Madora and Durango streets for several hours, and traffic including school busses was rerouted around the area. Police were called in at about 10:30 Wednesday morning, and the streets were closed about 3 in the afternoon, and reopened at about 525. Douglas police say one person was taken to the hospital for observation. Charges may be pending.


(Wed 11/5/14) - Mopping up the Election... The were a couple of races affected by write-in here in Converse County. The fourth four-year seat on the Converse County District One School Board went to write-in Mark Horr, who received 165 votes... Tara Davidson had 158, and Michael Haught had 154.

There was one position available on the Glenrock Hospital District board, and Sarah Stalker won it with 7 votes.

And Converse County Clerk Lucile Taylor said the results of the recount for the second seat on the Glenrock Town Council remained the same with both Chase Anfinson and Tim Feeback each receiving 352 votes. The Canvassing Board will draw for lots on Thursday to determine a winner.


(Tue 11/4/14) - Voters went to the polls and made their choices on Tuesday. Checking results of local races first, Douglas Mayor Bruce Jones wins another four years, defeating former councilman Bob Chiapuzio 1059 to 434. Incumbent Councilman Leroy Kingery and John Bartling were the top two vote-getters for Douglas City Council. Doug Frank defeats incumbent Sue Dills for Mayor of Glenrock 481 to 311. Two seats open on the Glenrock Town council... Dennis Flynn gets one, and a tie for the second seat... 352 votes each for Tim Feeback and Chase Anfinson, so that one will go to a recount. Jon Maines beats Don Kuhn 96-44 for mayor of Rolling Hills. Brenda Williams and Jacque Stoldt win the two seats on the Rolling Hills Town Council. Leda Price gets one vote and will continue to serve as mayor of Lost Springs... Arthur Stringham gets one vote and will continue to serve as the Lost Springs town council.

Converse County School District #1, the Douglas School Board, Kim Hiser, Jim Bolinger and Mark Curtis will all retain their seats... 835 write-ins were tallied for the fourth, open seat on the Douglas School Board... those write-ins wil be tallied on Wednesday.

All of the Converse County offices were decided in the primaries this year.

Two seats were open on the Glenrock hospital district board... Russ Dalgarn wins one seat, and 40 write-ins will be tallied on Wednesday to decide the other.

Both tax issues passed in Converse County... voters were 60 percent in favor of continuing to optional 5th-cent tax that's been in place for years, and voted 70 percent in favor of retaining the lodging tax.

Statewide races, here's how Converse County votes went... incumbent Senator Mike Enzi gets 76 of the vote, Representative Cynthia Lummis gets 74 percent of the vote. Govermor Matt Mead got 61 percent of the Converse County vote, and Democratic challenger Pete Gosar got 19 percent. Repulbican Ed Murray collects 79 percent of the vote for secretary of state... Jillian Balow claims 70 percent of the Converse County vote for superintendant of public instruction, and Mike Ceballos gets 28 percent. In the race for House District 6, incumbent Republican Richard Cannady earns 81 percent... democratic challenger Liz Batton get 17 percent.

4,310 votes were cast in Converse County on Tuesday, that comes out to a 70 percent voter turnout, not a bad number of a non-presidential election year.


(Fri 10/31/14) - Douglas area employers will continue to struggle to fill empty jobs. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has released September unemployment numbers, and again, almost everyone in Converse County is already working. In September, Converse County reported 3 percent unemployment, tied with Campbell County. Only Sublette County was lower, at 2.9 percent.

Statewide, Wyoming's unemployment was at 4.7%. Nationwide, the unemployment rate was at 5.9 percent in September.


(Thu 10/30/14) - More traffic, more cops... The Wyoming Highway Patrol is increasing its presence on Highway 59, between Douglas and Gillette.

Energy-related traffic on the 110-mile highway between the two cities continues to increase, and the Highway Patrol says that's led to more crashes and citizen concerns. Sergeant David Wagener with the Highway Patrol says it's causing problems for their troopers, too... audio here

Wagener says the Wyoming Highway Patrol is beefing up its presence between Douglas and Gillette... audio here

The Highway Patrol says more troopers will begin patrolling the highway to focus on issues including aggressive drivers, speeders and illegal passing.


(Wed 10/15/14) - Who wants to go to Williston in December... audio here

That's Douglas City Administrator Tony Tolstedt, talking about a field trip to Williston, North Dakota, that's being planned for city officials... audio here

The Douglas City Council voted 4-1 Monday night to begin planning for the trip. Councilman Tony Reynolds was the lone no vote. Tolstedt said the trip would probably take place in December or perhaps January, depending on schedules and logistics.


(Wed 10/15/14) - What's in the Checkbook... The oil and gas boom has meant a lot more money coming into Converse County's bank accounts... and a lot more going out. County treasurer Joel Schell says they've added a new feature called Open Gov to the county's website... audio here

Schell says Open Gov helps us understand part of how the boom affects us... audio here

The treasurer says that these days, there's more income, and there's more outgo. He said it's good for the public to know how its money is being spent... audio here

A link to Open Gov is posted on the County's website and the Treasurer's website... anyone can access the information at


(Thu 10/9/14) - Rumble strips, turn lanes, and maybe even passing lanes... all were discussed as possible near-term fixes for growing traffic issues on Highway 59 north of Douglas. Close to 150 people attended a community meeting Wednesday night at the Douglas High School auditorium. WyDOT Chief Engineer Del McOmie said they have some projects scheduled now in their transportation improvement program that will affect Highway 59... audio here

Both of those projects are funded now and should be done in 2015.

Another item on the wish list is a series of passing lanes between Douglas and Gillette... audio here

That project would again be contingent on funding by the State Legislature.\par During a question and answer period at the end of the meeting, there was much discussion of speed limits, with many people encouraging WyDOT to lower the speed limits through Bill, and on the 59 bypass from the Law Enforcement Academy out past the gas plant.


(Wed 10/8/14) -The cost of housing drives up the cost of living in Converse County. The State of Wyoming's Economic Analysis Division has released the state's Cost of Living Index for the second quarter of 2014, and Converse County sits behind Teton County as the second most expensive place to live in Wyoming. With a median of 100, Converse County scored a 109. While all other categories were either just above or just below the median, scarce housing because of the oil and gas boom sent that category up to 117 percent of average. Platte County was the least expensive place to live in Wyoming, with an index of 88 and housing costs at just 77 percent of the state average.


(Tue 9/30/14) - Hunters from across the nation visit Eastern Wyoming every fall, and a very special group of hunters come to Douglas today.

The 30th Annual Helluva Hunt welcomes 15 disabled sportsmen and women from across the country for a guided antelope hunt. Hunters arrive today for opening events, meet their guides, sight in their rifles, participate in trap shooting and relax at the opening banquet.

The hunt begins tomorrow morning. Several area ranchers contribute access to about 60 thousand acres of land. The Wyoming Game & Fish issues special permits to allow the disabled hunters to hunt from a vehicle. Each hunter is accompanied by one or more experienced guides.

The Helluva Hunt is completely funded, and the only cost to the hunter is for their transportation to and from Douglas.


(Thu 9/25/14) - Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet... Law enforcement agencies across Wyoming are partnering with the Drug Enforcement Administration to offer people a chance to safely dispose of prescription medication Saturday.

The DEA is working with state and local law enforcement to collect and dispose of the drugs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The chemicals in prescription drugs can harm wildlife or the environment if thrown away or flushed down a sink or toilet. Drugs left in trash bins or by the curb also can be stolen and abused.

Locally, collection points will be set up at the Douglas Police Department, the Evansville Community Center, the Torrington Police Department and the Platte County Sheriff's Office in Wheatland. You can also find a nearby collection site by visiting and clicking on the "Got Drugs?" icon.


(Tue 9/23/14) - A new RV Park on Douglas's north side will get further review before it can proceed. Developer Chris Paquette has asked the Douglas City Council to rezone a 15 acre piece of property off of North 4th Street near the bypass from industrial to MH-2 so that they could build a 50 to 100 unit RV park. Paquette said that, in addition to providing much-needed housing for energy workers, the development would provide a better transition between ongoing industrial growth on Highway 59 and homes in the Northgate area... audio here

The primary holdup seems to be the City's new Master Plan, which designates the land as industrial. Lots to the south are currently zoned MH-2. The Douglas Planning and Zoning commission sent the project to the city council with a "do not pass" recommendation, in part because the proposal doesn't match current zoning as defined in the City Master Plan. Rather than approving or denying, the Douglas City Council last night voted to return the project back to the Planning Commission for review for possible amendment to the Master Plan... that would deal with the zoning issue... and simultaneous review of the specific project, which would be the proposed RV Park.


(Mon 9/22/14) - Room for two, non-smoking? Good Luck... Oilfield workers are packing Wyoming's hotels and staying longer as the state's oil and gas development grows. Here in Douglas, we know how hard it's been to find an empty hotel room. And the problem is spreading across eastern Wyoming.

Nearly 87 percent of Casper's hotel rooms were booked in July and August, many by oilfield workers.

Aaron McCreight, head of the Casper Area Convention and Visitors' Bureau, says the state is seeing an oil boom that is helping the overall economy. Officials say drilling is up, and there are more oil and gas jobs now than there were last summer.

Two new hotels are being built in Casper to accommodate more visitors. ONe new hotel is under construction here in Douglas, and another is in the planning stages.

Hotels in Gillette and Cheyenne say their occupancy rates are rising too. McCreight says the growing economy has also been a boon for tourism, necessitating more rooms.


(Thu 9/18/14) - Oil- and gas-fueled growth has made the Casper area one of the fastest-growing in the nation. A new report this week from the US Department of Commerce says Casper's gross domestic product grew by a little over 7 percent in 2013, making it the 11th-fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Overall, the region is also doing well... Greeley and Billings also showed strong growth.


(Thu 9/18/14) - A new player in the Basin... The Denver-based Anschutz Corp. is putting new emphasis on increasing its oil industry operations in Wyoming.

On Wednesday, the company confirmed a $69 million transaction with Bill Barrett Corp. whereby Anschutz will gain drilling rights to about 30,000 acres in the Powder River Basin in northeast Wyoming.

Anschutz has been active in Wyoming in recent years but not in oil. Its subsidiary Power Company of Wyoming has proposed building the largest onshore wind farm in the country in south-central Wyoming.

Anschutz executive Joseph DeDominic says that the transaction marks a "major re-emphasis" on oil and gas in Wyoming by the company. He says Anschutz has contracted its first drilling rig in the basin, and it is expected to begin work in November.


(Wed 9/17/14) - Over 2200 Douglas area customers were left without power Tuesday afternoon when a contractor took out a power line with a dump truck. Construction crews were laying asphalt on Flicker Street east of Lone Tree trailer park. The driver reportedly left his dump bed up and pulled down a power line and two poles when he drove off. The accident happened at about 1pm... Rocky Mountain Power crews got the lights back on in most areas at about 2:30pm.


(Wed 9/17/14) - Push 'em farther away... A landowners' group is calling on Wyoming oil and gas regulators to strengthen proposed rules to increase the minimum distance between drilling rigs and dwellings.

The staff of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission this month proposed increasing the minimum setback distance for a vertically drilled well to 500 feet. The minimum setback for wells drilled into the ground and then horizontally would increase to 750 feet. The current minimum distance is 350 feet for all drilling rigs.

The Powder River Basin Resource Council this week contacted Gov. Matt Mead and other commission members to ask that the setbacks be increased up to 750 feet for vertical wells and a quarter-mile for horizontal wells.

The five-member commission is set to act on final rules next month.


(Wed 9/17/14) - Local Man Honored... A Glenrock sheep rancher who helped create a lamb cooperative will receive an outstanding alumni award from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming.

Brad Boner is one of several who'll be honored at Ag Appreciation Day this Saturday, Sept. 20, on the Laramie campus. Boner received his agricultural business degree in 1982, and raises sheep and cattle, along with his brothers and father. He was instrumental in creating the Mountain States Lamb Cooperative, which markets more than 250,000 lambs annually from 13 Rocky Mountain states.

The annual Ag Day Barbecue that raises money for agricultural student organizations is this Saturday from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the southwest corner of Fan Fest inside the Indoor Practice Facility.

Recipients will be recognized during Saturday's Wyoming-Florida Atlantic football game.


(Wed 9/17/14) - 2X Black Gold... The U.S. Energy Information Agency reports that oil production in the Powder River Basin has more than doubled over the past five years.

Oil output in the basin grew from 38,000 barrels per day in 2009 to 78,000 barrels per day during the first quarter of this year.

State Oil and Gas Supervisor Mark Watson says that the increased production is huge for Wyoming because it reverses a decline that had been going on for 40 years.

The increased oil production largely came from older oil fields in Campbell and Converse counties where production had declined over the years.

But the recent advancements in drilling and technology, chief among them fracking, have reversed the production declines those formations had been experiencing for years.


(Mon 9/9/14) - More Oilwell Setbacks... The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission intends to unveil a proposal next week to increase the minimum distance between drilling rigs and dwellings.

The commission intends to call for a buffer of 500 feet between occupied buildings and vertical rigs. It would set a minimum distance of 750 feet for horizontal rigs.

The current distance is 350 feet for all drilling rigs.

The move comes in response to concerns from landowners over increasing oil production near communities. Much of the ongoing drilling is occurring around Douglas and Cheyenne.

Landowners had sought a greater distance, while industry argued that the current distance is working.


(Wed 9/3/14) - Off to a new corral... Sixteen Bureau of Land Management gentled wild horses were adopted during Wyoming Mustang Days, at the Wyoming State Fair, in Douglas, Aug. 12-16.

The BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program sponsored the annual adoption event, which also encourages previous wild horse adopters to showcase the abilities of their mustangs.

Nine gentled yearlings were adopted throughout the week, by silent bid.

Seven saddle-started horses were adopted Aug. 16. The adoption, through competitive bid, followed a demonstration by the trainers from the Wyoming Honor Farm and the Mantle Wild Horse Adoption and Training Facility, demonstrating the horses's abilities.

Wyoming Mustang Days also included the All Wild Horse Show, featuring 52 previous wild horse adopters and their adopted horses, competing in three divisions, Aug. 15.


(Tue 8/19/14) - The 2014 Primary Elections are in the books. 3,371 votes were cast in Converse County on Tuesday, a 52 percent voter turnout, but you'll have a chance to do it all over again in the General Election in November.

A reminder, the Primary Election in most cases simply determines who'll move ahead to General Election. Non-partisan elections, the city and town elections, work like this... double the number of open slots will move on to the general, and write-ins must receive at least three votes to advance.

Douglas Mayor Bruce Jones ran unopposed and got 950 votes, but there were 95 writes-ins... if the top write in got at least three votes, their name will be on the November ballot along with Mayor Jones.

Douglas City Council, two seats open, incumbant councilman Leroy Kingery got 679, John Crockett got 497, Steve Sorell got 411... all three will advance, along with one write-in.

Mayor, Town of Glenrock, Wm Douglas Frank got 325 votes, incumbant mayor Sue Dills got 276... they'll both advance.

Glenrock town council was a very close race... Chase Anfinson got 282, Dennis Flynn got 264, Tim Feeback got 262 and Misty Dalgarn got 248... two seats open, all four will advance to the general.

Rolling Hills had no one on the ballot running for mayor, but there were 57 write-in votes, so the top two will have the opportunity to advance. Rolling Hills town council, Jacque Stoldt got 73 votes, Brenda Williams had 62 and Vicki Widiker 23... all three, plus a write-in will move to the general.

Leda Price will be on the general election ballot alone as mayor of Lost Springs, and Arthur Stringham will advance for the Lost Springs Town Council.


In the partisan races, an equal number of Republicans and Democrats can advance for the open seats, and write-ins must receive 25 votes to advance.

In the balloting for Converse County Commissioner, incumbants Tony Lehner and Jim Willlox and challenger Robert Short will move on to the general election. Lehner was the top vote getter with 1838, Willox had 1545 and Short collected 1403. Incumbant Major Brown was 170 votes short at 1233 and will not get a second term on the commission. Darek Joppru got 1162 votes. The Democrats had nobody on the ballot Tuesday, but there were 44 write ins... if one received at least 25 votes, they may choose to be on the ballot in November.

Ross Gorman will hold on to the office of county coroner. He got 1953 votes... challenger Russ Dalgarn had 1000... only 18 write ins for the democrats, so Gorman will run unopposed in the November general. All other county offices ran unopposed and Republican, and none had enough Democratic write ins to see a challenge in November.

State legislature races, only one district is completely within Converse County, and that's House District 6... incumbant Republican Richard Cannady got 56 percent of the vote and will face challenger Liz Batton in the general election. Batton ran unopposed on the Democratic ballot.

In the other house & senate races, Converse County supported Jeff Wasserburger in senate district 23 and Eric Barlow in House District 3... Dan Kirkbride was unopposed in House District 4. Those wont be settled until we have final numbers from other counties represented.

In the state races, Converse County supported Senator Mike Enzi, Representative Cynthia Lummis, Governor Matt Mead, although Dr Taylor Haynes had strong support here... Mead marked 1477 ballots, while Haynes collected 1271. Cindy Hill had 284. Converse County also voted for Ed Murray for secretary of State, Mark Gordon for State Treasurer, Jillian Balow for Superintendant of Public Instruction and Cynthia Cloud for State Auditor. Those positions will all be settled when all precencts in all 23 counties are tallied.

Complete election results are available at


(Sat 8/9/14) - They were crashin' for cash Saturday night at the Wyoming State Fair.

Bo Gordon took the $2500 dollar purse for making the last hit at the Douglas Volunteer Fire Department Demolition Derby. Tony Long won $750 dollars for second place, Tim Janssen got $500 dollars for a third place finish, and Daryl Swift won $250 for 4th place.

Tony Long also won $500 for Best Of Show for his pink & green Lincoln, and Kelly Herrick was a thousand dollars richer, named Heavy Hitter for being the most agressive driver.

23 cars battled this year for a piece of the action.


And in Sports...

(Sun 11/16/14) - State football championships this weekend... on Friday, Guernsey-Sunrise beat Dubois 80-30 in the six-man game, and Cody shut out Douglas 19-0.

Saturday, Mountain View upset Big Horn 28-19 for the 2A title... Cokeville beats Lusk 26-6 in the 1A championship, and Natrona beats Gillette 30-7 for the 4A title.

(Sat 11/8/14) - LadyCats bring home the big trophy... The Douglas LadyCats defeated Mountain View in four to earn their first state volleyball title since 1998.

Coach Angela Rhoades's girls opened the tournament on Thursday with a five-game win over Jackson... then took on the defending state champion Powell Lady Panthers in the semis on Friday and claimed a three-game win, 25-16, 25-17, 26-24. In Saturday afternoon's title match, Mountain View took the first game 25-17, but Douglas bounced back and win the next three, 25-20, 25-21, 25-20.

Powell beat Jackson in four to take third.

Cheyenne East beat Kelly Walsh in five for the 4A championship. Natrona beat Riverton to take third.

Wright beat Big Horn to take the 2A title, and Cokeville won over Little Snake River in the 1A title match.

(Fri 11/7/14) - The Douglas Bearcats football team will make thier 13th appearance in a state championship game next Friday when they face the Cody Broncs in the 3A title match at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie.

Douglas earned the trip to State with a 27-0 shutout win over the Torrington Trailblazers tonight. After a scoreless first quarter, Douglas scored on four short yardage plays... runs of 5 and 9 yards by Colter Haman, an 8-yard pass completion from Haize Weber to Justin Leman, and a 2-yard pass completion to Hunter Haman.

Cody, the #1 seed from 3A West, earned their trip to Laramie with a 42-34 win in a see-saw battle with the Riverton Wolverines.

Douglas has played in six of the last eight championship games, winning in 2008, 2009 and 2009. The Cats beat Cody in the 2009 title match. Douglas is 5-7 overall in State Championship appearances.

Douglas plays Cody for the 3A State Championship on Friday, November 14th at 3pm at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie. The game will be broadcast live on 100.1FM, KKTY, and on the internet at

(Sat 11/1/14) - Regional volleyball tournaments this weekend... Douglas fell to Rawlins in the championship match... Douglas took the first game 25-16. Rawlins took the next three, 26-22, 25-15, 25-17. The LadyCats will play Jackson in the first round at State Thursday at the Casper Events Center, and will be on the same side of the brackets as Powell. Worland beat Newcastle 3-1 for third.

Powell beat Mountain View to take 3A West... Jackson over Lovell for third.

The 4a West Tournament at Green River, Natrona went in #1 seed and Kelly Walsh was the #2 seed... the two Casper schools faced off against each other in the championship match, and KW took the set 3-0. Rivertonbeat Green River 3-0 to claim third.

Sheridan beat Gillette for the 4A East regional title.

Big Horn beat Wright in the championsihp match of the 2A East, and Lyman won over Shoshoni in the 2A West.

Kaycee beat Hulett in the 1A East, and Cokeville's still playing Little Snake River in the 1A West championship match.

(Sat 11/1/14) - Swimmers wrap season... Jackson took the team title at the 3A State Swim Meet on Saturday. At Gillette, the Douglas swimmers placed 5th overall. Douglas sophomore Brooke Perala earned a gold medal with a time of 1:10.32 to win the 100 breaststroke.

Dezirae Layher, Brooke Perala, Elli Wortham and Ciara Blain placed second in the 200 medley relay, Wortham, Perala, Blain, and Bri Leman were 4th in the 200 free relay.

Wortham was 4th in the in the 100 butterfly, Blain was 6th in the 50 free.

(Fri 10/31/14) - A Spooktacular Performance... after a slow start, the Douglas Bearcats worked a little Halloween Magic on the Star Valley Braves. In the quarterfinals of the 3A State Football Playoffs, the Bearcats beat the Braves 38-13.

Star Valley marched their first offensive set down the field and scored on a two-yard run by Jessie Sanders, point after was good, and Star Valley led it 7-0. Douglas kicker Brent Leuthan drilled a field goal for 3 to put the Cats on the board. Then, Douglas took advantage of two turnovers, sending James Willox to the endzone both times, and the Cats led it 16-7 at the half.

Douglas struck quickly in the third quarter as Lane George scored on an 80-yard kickoff return and Blake Parks caught the two-point conversion in the end zone... Douglas was up 24-7. Two more scores in the third as Tanner Gamble caught one in the endzone, and and running back Colter Haman hit receiver Hunter Haman in the endzone with a 25-yard pass... Douglas was up 38-7.

Star Valley collected one more score with just over a minute to play, taking the final score to 38-13.

Listen to Coach Rhoades's postgame comments here...

Douglas will face Torrington next weekend in the semis. Torrington beat Jackson 41-14. On the other side of the brackets, Cody blasted Rawlins 61-6, and the three-time defending champion Powell Panthers were sent home as Riverton beat Powell 42-26.

(Fri 10/24/14) - On to the Playoffs... the Douglas Bearcats end the regular season 6-1 with a 49-8 win over the Buffalo Bison. The Cats claimed six touchdowns in the first half... Colter Haman scored three times, Dalton Bergner went in on a 22-yard pass completion, Gage Pitt checked in with a 55-yard punt return, and Ryan Lebert pulled down an interception and returned it 60 yards for a touchdown. A minute into the third quarter, backup quarterback Ty Larson hit Blake Brooks for a 77-yard pass completion to run the score to 49-0. Buffalo scored late when Kason Filbert took it in from 3 yards out, the two-point conversion was good, and the final was 49-8 Douglas.

Also tonight, Cody shut out Powell 39-0, it was Jackson over Star Valley 39-31, Torrington beats Rawlins 50-28, and Green River finally got a win, knocking off Worland 42-20. Riverton shut out winless Lander 56-0 on Thursday night.

Opening round of the playoffs next Friday night, Douglas hosts Star Valley, Rawlins is at Cody, Powell's at Riverton and Torrington's is at Jackson.

(Fri 10/17/14) - #2 vs #1... and the second-ranked Bearcats beat the #1-ranked Riverton Wolverines, 15-3. At Riverton, the Cats scored first on a 2-yard run by Dalton Burgner, the PAT was good, and the Cats led it 7-0. Dietrik Becker scored on a three-point field goal with about 3 minutes left in the second quarter, the only score of the night for the Wolverines. Douglas led 7-3 at the half, and that's where the score stayed until Douglas's Layne George snagged an interception and ran it in with 1:35 left in the game. Colter Haman added a two-point conversion to stretch the lead to 15-3. Justin Leman grabbed another pick with 1:11 left, Cats QB Haize Weber took a knee twice, and Douglas gave Riverton their first loss of the season. The win guarantees Douglas the #1 seed from the East and homefield advantage as the playoffs begin in two weeks. Regular season play wraps up next Friday night when Douglas hosts the Buffalo Bison.

(Fri 10/10/14) - Douglas walks away with a Homecoming win... the Cats found the endzone six times and held the Outlaws scoreless on the way to a 41-0 win over Rawlins at Bearcat Stadium Friday night. Colter Haman scored three times... a 67-yard run, a 39-yarder, and once more from 35 yards out. Alex Locke ran one 80 yards up the near side for a score, James Willox took one in from 26, and QB Haize Weber hit Tanner Gamble for a 22-yard touchdown catch. Douglas improves to 5-1 with the win. The Cats travel to #1-ranked Riverton next Friday night.

(Thu 10/9/14) - No change at all in this week's 3A Football polls. The Wyopreps Coaches and Media Poll ranks Riverton at #1, followed by Douglas, Cody, Powell and Jackson. Cody plays at Jackson this week and hopes to hand the Broncs their first loss.

(Thu 10/9/14) - Douglas volleyball hosts a big rivalry match this afternoon... Homecoming v-ball matches #4 Douglas with the #3 Rawlins Lady Outlaws. In conference action, Rawlins is 1st in the southeast, and 4 Douglas is 1st in the northeast. Both are 4-0 in conference play... overall, Rawlins is 14-9, Douglas is 13-11. Tonight is Breast Cancer Awarness night, and the crowd's invited to wear pink. Freshmen play at 4, JV's at 5, and varsity volleyball starts play at 6pm at the DHS Rec Center Gym.

(Sat 10/4/14) - The Douglas Bearcats ran their gridiron record to 4-1 with a 20-13 win at Torrington. The #2 Bearcats and the unranked Blazers played to a scoreless tie in the first hale on Friday night, then traded touchdowns in the third. Douglas scored first on a 54-yard pass & run from QB Haize Weber to receiver Taner Gamble.. the PAT went wide and the Cats led it 6-0. Torrington scored on a 1-yard hop by quarterback Jace Canaday, the PAT was blocked, and the game was tied 6-6. The Cats answered with a 4-yard pass from Weber to Dalton Burgner, the two-point conversion was not successful, and Douglas led it 12-6. In the opening moments of the 4th quarter, Torrington qb Jace Canady finished a drive with a 9-yard pass to PD Miller, the PAT was good, and the Blazers claimed their only lead of the night at 13-12. Douglas took it back for good on a 9-yard run by Colter Haman... the two-point conversion by Weber was good, and Douglas claimed and held a 20-13 lead for the win. Douglas host Rawlins for homcoming this Friday night.

Also on Friday night, Natrona shuts out Kelly Walsh 49-0 in the Oil Bowl, the Glenrock Herders gave Coach Ray Kumpula his 100th career win as they knock off Burns 38-26. Wheatland beats Big Piney 46-0 in a game that was called at halftime due to injuries. Lusk takes a 48-6 win over Pine Bluffs, and Guernsey-Sunrise beat Hanna-Elk Mountain 26-16.

(Sat 9/27/14) - Cats win on the road... at Lander Friday night, the Cats dominated a struggling Lander squad, winning the night 34-0.

All Douglas scoring came in the first half... the first quarter saw Cats QB Haize Weber hit Tanner Gamble with a 22 yard pass for score, and Colter Haman took a 31-yard scramble to the endzone.

In the second quarter, Haman scored twice on one yard punches, and Weber threw one into the endzone to Lane George.

In the second half, Coach Jay Rhoades took advantage of the comfortable lead to get some playing time for his younger players

Douglas is 3-1 with the win... Lander falls to 0-4. The Cats travel to Torrington next Friday night.

(Thu 9/25/14) - The Douglas Bearcats remain #2 this week, but there's a lot of movement in 3A football in the latest edition of the Coaches and Media poll. Riverton's upset win previously top-ranked Powell moves the Wolverines up from #4 to #1... Douglas is at #2 again... Powell falls from 1 to 3, pushing Cody down from 3 to 4... the Jackson Broncs are steady in the 5-slot.

In 4A, #2 Natrona's 47-7 spanking of #1 Gillette vaults the Mustangs to #1, and the Sheridan Broncs follow from 3 to 2. Gillette drops to 3, East is steady at 4, and the Kelly Walsh Trojans ride a nine-point win over the South Bison into the #5 position.

Big Horn leads 2A again... Mountain View's up from 3 to 2, Newcastles upset of Wheatland moves the Dogies from 4 to 3 and drops the Bulldogs from 2 to 4...Greybull bumps Big Piney out of #5.

Not much change in 1A 11-man, where it's Cokeville, Lusk, Lingle-Ft Laramie and Southeast, just like last week... Upton/Sundance replaces Tongue RIver at #5.

And in 6-man the Guernsey-Sunrise Vikings continue to rip it up. The Vikes shut out Midwest 75-0 last weekend, and over three games they've outscored their opponents 201-19. Guernsey's a unanimous #1, followed by Snake River, Meeteetsee, Farson and Kaycee.

(Fri 9/5/14) - 0-1... The Douglas Bearcats opened the 3A football season tonight with a one-point loss to the Powell Panthers.

Douglas led 10-6 at the half on a 7-yard pass from Hayes Weber to Bay Parks and a 3-point field goal with seconds left in the half. Tanner Gamble pulled down an interception in the third quarter and ran it back 15 yards for a touchdown to stretch the lead to 17-6.

Powell fought back and took the lead when quarterback Carter Baxter ran one in with about 5 1/2 left to play.

Douglas travels to Cody next Friday night to meet the Broncs, who beat Buffalo 45-20 tonight. Kickoff Friday night at 6pm... our pregame coverage begins at 5:30 on KKTY's 100.1 FM.

(Tue 9/2/14) - The Douglas LadyCats volleyball team went three games to claim third place in the Gold Bracket at this weekend's Douglas Invitational. The Lady Cats beat the Lady Eagles from Lyman 25-22 in the first game... Lyman bounced back to claim game two 25-15, then Douglas iced it with a 15-11 win in the third game. Powell beat Wright 25-17, 25-17 to win the championship match.

Douglas volleyball's at the Gillette Invite this Friday and Saturday.

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